Sunday, June 6, 2010


Well.... For starters you must get a bowl of cereal find that great spot on your sofa, prop up your feet, and enjoy! We need a empty cereal box to start so... Relax and enjoy those Krispies!


You will need your general scrapbooking supplies plus the following:

1- Empty Cereal Box

2- Cardstock-Color A (For this demo I have used RED)

2- Cardstock-Color B (For this demo I have used BLACK)

2- Cardstock- Color C (For this demo I have used WHITE)

2- sheets of coordnating patter paper

1- yard of coordnating ribbon

1- Album insert (Or a few more cereal boxes cut into 6 inch squares and henged together)

Shipping tape/ "Duck" tape

Step 1: Determine what size album you want to make. For this demonstration I have choose a 6" X 6" album. Open the box up and determine how you can get 2 equal cuts out of the box. I use the front and back of the box because I do not like to piece together my albums.

Step 2: Cut the box into 2- 6x6 pieces, also cut 2- 6 1/4 pieces out of Color C (This demo white).

Step 3:Take the 2- 6 1/4 pieces and glue them to the front of your cereal box pieces. Now slit the corners of the white paper in all 4 corners. Bone fold and glue each of the edges down on both the cereal box tops.
Your finished tops should look like the above photo. The reason for the extra 1/4 inch on the white it to create a crisp clean edge for your album. Now your cover is complete.

Step 4: Cut 2- 5 inch pieces of ribbion and adhere them to the inside of your album covers. I use packing tape to be sure no matter how hard they are pulled they are not coming off.

Step 5: With the album insert "henge" the front and back cover to it. I use shipping tape. You are going to cover it up so its not going to be seen... "Duck" tape does wonders!
Step 6: Cut 2 6 inch squares out of each of your colored card stock papers
Adhere 1 square to each side of your album and then decorate as you see fit!


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